Thursday, October 19, 2017

Outfit: Down In A Hole.

Sequin jacket: Vintage || Led Zeppelin shirt as dress: H&M || Platform boots: Vagabond || Round Metal sunglasses: Ray Ban

One of my favorite jackets is this gorgeous vintage piece - it can be dressed up or down depending on what day or occasion you wear it. This look can be worn in every day life as well as nightlife, to me it's my #1 choice for a rock show. I combined the sequin jacket with an oversized band shirt, platform boots and mirrored pink sunglasses I really enjoy to wear.

Love x

Monday, October 16, 2017

Outfit: Heaven Upside Down.

Studded faux suede jacket and fedora hat: Zara || Led Zeppelin shirt and studded belt: Topshop || Leopard shirt: Rat and Boa || Platform boots: Vagabond

That jacket was kinda love at first sight, it's such a nice piece. To be honest my favorite thing to shop is jackets, they can make an outfit look so much more interesting if the jacket is a real eyecatcher or statement piece. This one got beautiful studs and a very nice cognac brown color. I wanted the look to  be Rock 'n' Roll with some western vibe, because I guess that jacket really expresses it.  I wore it with a Led Zeppelin band tee, some destroyed denim shorts and my favorite boots. 

Love xx

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Outfit: Blood Honey.

Flannel embellished shirt: Free People via ASOS || Ramones shirt: Zara || Fishnet tights: Forever 21 (old)

For today I'm wearing one of my favorite flannel shirts. This one can also be worn as a jacket and it goes with pretty much everything. I went for a classic grunge combo and wore it together with a Ramones band tee I bought in the Zara men department, some fishnet tights, platform boots and a lot of jewelry I love. Flannels are essentials in autumn/winter, especially in autumn nothing can keeps you cozier and warmer in such a soft lightweighted fabric at the same time.

Love x

Monday, October 9, 2017

Outfit: Keep on ridin', ridin', ridin'...

Western blanket coat cardigan: Zara || Harley Davidson tee & concho belt: Vintage || Ripped jeans: old (similar on ASOS) || Gypsy Rocker Boots: Spell Designs

Today I show you one of my cozy autumn looks. That cardigan was love at first sight, I had been searching for the perfect blanket western coat for a very long time until I saw this one. It's so warm, it's incredibly soft and literally goes with everything. I loved the mint colored color together with eggshell white. I went for a casual, relaxed outfit combo and wear it with my Harley Davidson biker tee I got many years ago, a concho belt, some ripped skinny jeans and western boots.

Love x

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Outfit: In A Gadda-Da-Vida

Embroidered velvet jacket: Zara || Paisley shirt: Secondhand shop || Ripped skinny jeans: H&M || Gypsy Rocker Boots: Spell Designs

A very 70s inspired look for today - this jacket immediately reminded me of a jacket Jimi Hendrix wore back in the 60s and I decided to get it. It's such a nice jacket! I combined it with a paisley ruffle shirt I bought at a secondhand shop (I remember it truly was a bargain... 4$ maybe..), my favorite western boots and a pair of ripped skinny jeans I bought at H&M. Autumn has definitely arrived and velvet is again something I just never wanna miss during the colder seasons!

Love x

Monday, October 2, 2017

Outfit: Don't you mind, don't you mind.

Paisley velvet burnout shirt: Topman || Fishnet tights: H&M 

Starting the week with a very comfortable autumn outfit. I bought this cute and soft velvet shirt at Topshop/Topman when I was in Munich, it's such a great piece. I sized up several times so I can easily wear it as a dress. I went for a grungier combo and added some fishnet tights, platform boots and silver jewelry.

Love x