Thursday, November 16, 2017

Outfit: In another perfect life, in another perfect light, we run.

Fringe denim jacket: old || Aztec vintage jumper: Secondhand || Concho belt: Vintage, found at a market || Ripped jeans: H&M || Western boots: Gamloong || Round Metal sunglasses: Ray Ban

Denim + brown knits are a really nice combo which also really keeps you warm and cozy in autumn. Here I'm wearing this fringe jacket I've already been owning for 4 years or something, I still like it a lot, it's a great, timeless statement piece.  I got this soft brown aztec jumper at a local secondhand shop and wore it together with a concho belt, a ripped pair of black skinny jeans and western boots.

Love xx

Monday, November 13, 2017

Outfit: Car radio.

Tie dye velvet embroidered jacket: Vintage via Etsy || Iron Maiden tee || Paisley shirt: Secondhand || Ripped jeans: Zara || Boots: Dr. Martens 

I wish I could still wear outfits like that for a whole day. it's gotten so cold lately. I really dig this beautiful embroidered rainbow velvet jacket, it's definitely one of my favorite vintage finds. Those embroidered and mirrored velvet indian jackets are quite a weakness of mine, I have a little collection of them already. They keep warm, they're an eye catcher and they look fancy at the same time.
I layered it with a paisley shirt, an iron maiden band tee, some ripped jeans and dr martens boots.

Love x

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Outfit: Mr Mojo Risin'

Shearling corduroy jacket: Romwe || The Doors shirt: Daydreamer LA || Ripped knee jeans: Zara || Flannel shirt: Urban Outfitters || Dioon boots: Vagabond || Round Metal sunglasses: Ray Ban

The colder side of autumn really has arrived here in Germany, so it's time for faux fur and shearling jackets and coats again. Today I'm wearing a beautiful corduroy jacket I received from Romwe the other day, layered it with my pastel pink/blue checked flannel, a washed out grey The Doors band shirt, some washed ripped jeans and platform boots.

Love x

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Outfit: Seasons Changing.

Western sweater and fringed suede skirt: Zara  || Platform boots: Vagabond

Here's probably my favorite look this month: Very western and native american inspired and a style I truly love. I'm wearing this cute soft oversized sweater I bought at Zara a few weeks ago and a suede skirt I bought in spring.

Love x

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Outfit: Stardog Champion.

Embroidered velvet vest: Vintage ||  Floral dress: Zara || Round Metal sunglasses: Ray Ban

One of those looks I already wore at a local concert, this combo is very 70s Rock n Roll inspired. That kind of afghan vest is similar to the one Jim Morrison once wore back in the 60s. Mine got a beautiful berry velvet fabric, maybe you already know it from some of my older previous posts. That floral dress is a cute boho flowy dress which literally goes with almost everything. 

Love x

Monday, October 30, 2017

Outfit: Man Of Golden Words.

Embroidered kimono: Romwe || Gypsy Witch top: Spell Designs || Embroidered shorts: Romwe || boots: Dr. Martens 

Here I did some print combo and went for a very colorful look, too. I received this cute, embroidered kimono with pom poms and fringing from Romwe the other day and I really love it. I wore it with some embroidered denim shorts, a hippiesh 70s inspired tank top from the Aussie brand Spell & The Gypsy collective, docs and a printed vintage scarf I found in my local secondhand shop. 

Love xx