Thursday, May 17, 2018

Outfit: Toxic City.

Harley Davidson tee: Vintage @ Urban Outfitters || Tie dye bleach jeans: Zara || Jadon boots: Dr Martens 

I'm wearing a relaxed and comfy compo today which I kept quite simple. I'm wearing my bleached red skinny jeans I bought at Zara a few months ago. It looks so unusual I immediately loved it. It adds some punk touch to any outfit. I combined it with a vintage Harley Davidson tee and some platform docs.

Love xx

Monday, May 14, 2018

Outfit: Heart attack.

Red pixie faux fur coat: I am Gia || Led Zeppelin tee: topshop || Studded shorts: River Island (old) || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens

Red is actually my favorite color and this jacket was one of those clothes you see and love immediately. It's such a cozy, warm but not too sweaty coat and it's also great for colder spring or summer nights. I'm wearing it with some studded shorts and a Led Zeppelin tee. Red coats can be such an eye-catcher and this one definitely is.

Love xx

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Outfit: Cemetery Gates.

Pantera shirt: Vintage || Velvet skirt: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Vagabond

What I really do love collecting are vintage tees and this one is a really cool one. I like Pantera a lot and this print looks fucking cool - true Cowboys From Hell.
It's cropped and oversized and I really like wearing that kind of tee with mini skirts. I own this beautiful burgundy velvet piece for such a long time now, it never gets old.

Love x

Monday, May 7, 2018

Outfit: In the moonlight true colors show.

NASA MA1 bomber jacket: Alpha Industries || Triangle tee: Truly Madly Deeply || Studded shorts: old || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens

I bought this awesome bomber jacket like 2 months ago because I love its edgy design. It's my first bomber jacket from Alpha Industries. I know the brand is the original brand for MA1 bombers and there are multiple colorways and designs out there, but none of them really made me wanna get one until I came across this one. I immediately loved its back patches, the whole outterspace vibe and design. I'm actually pretty interested in astronomy and I'm a huge moon lover, the moon has always something magical to it. I combined it with an old tee, some denim shorts and my favorite Jadon boots - Love xx

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Outfit: Take me to outerspace.

Sun and moon dress: Motel || Boots: Vagabond

This dress has been probably the most worn dress this year, I only have it for 2 months or so but already wore it many many times. It's so beautiful and literally goes with anything. Here I went for a grungier combo and combined it with a fishnet longsleeve and some platforms. I immediately fell in love with its zodiac print, it couldn't get much better.

Love xx

Monday, April 30, 2018

Outfit: Lights on Paper.

Metallica tee & cardigan: Vintage || Buttoned shorts: One Teaspoon || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens 

Today I'm wearing a vintage combo which is really comfy and perfect for the spring days. I'm wearing a vintage cardigan I bought from Beyond Retro which is an UK online shop, a Metallica tee which is originally from 1996. I combined it with some fishnets and and platform boots.

Love xx

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Outfit: Emptiness.

Cord bomber jacket & Pink Floyd tee: Urban Outfitters || Tribal shorts: old 

Today it's a bit colder again, perfect time to wear a corduroy jacket. Everything's blooming and summer is just around the corner, so my outfits are getting a little bit more colorful again. I love this yellow Pink Floyd band tee, usually yellow isn't my color at all but this tee simply rocks!
I combined it with my vintage inspired cord jacket, some tribal shorts and platform boots.